We sell beer to go

Walk-in hours:

T-F: 4-7 p.m.
Sat: noon-6 p.m.

You may come in to pick up your bottles/growlers. Please maintain 10 feet between any others. No samples or glass servings. If convenient you can leave a message or email with your order and we'll have it ready to go: 641-324-9899; brewer@worthbrewing.com


Beer Menu

22-ounce “Bomber” bottles, $6 each.

Fest Bock Spring Lager (NEW!)
Field Trip IPA
Bishop Wit Belgian
Snug Stout
Noel Holiday Ale
Brunhilde 2020 ($7)

Strange Fellas Helles
Passion Cream Ale
Dye Job Ginger Saison 

12-oz six packs

Borderline Brown Ale, $12
Brunhilde 2020 $15
Brunhilde Sampler, $20

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Why open a brewery in a

small town?


Because the people of Worth County share our passion for supporting local businesses, taking pride in their work, and being neighborly along the way.



Above all we want to make great beer for amazing people.

Preserving History

Many small towns have seen their communities lose a sense of place with new replacing old.

When Peter and Margaret explored sites for a brewery in 2007 they wanted to embrace Northwood's historical heritage. 

This commitment remained when expanding downtown in 2015. Please ask about our salvage, rehabilitation and restoration efforts on your next visit.  

Beer Worth talking about

Tap Room Hours:

Tue: 4-8
Wed: 5-9
Thur: 5-9
Fri: 5-11
Sat: noon-11
Sun-Mon. Closed

What's New?

This month's specials

Fest Bock

What's New?
Off Site Taps

Your favorite Worth beers are now available around the area. Find a tap near you.