Brunhilde Belgian-Style Strong Dark

We brew Brunhilde each fall for release to coincide with our Olfest celebration in late January. This series is meant to be savored over the cooler months, with some bottles sampled young and others put away for aging. 

Monastic breweries in Belgium began brewing strong, dark ales that today are categorized as Belgian dark strong ales and, sometimes, quadruples “quads”. The BJCP identifies these beers as “dark, complex, very strong Belgian ale with a delicious blend of malt richness, dark fruit flavors, and spicy elements. Complex, rich, smooth and dangerous.”

They are fuller, stronger than the dubbel style (Brunhilde ’18). We mostly aim for the traditional style, always reserving the right to put our imprint on this rich brew.  


Brewing History

2016 vintage

Brewed: 9-1-2016, kegged: 10-18-16, bottled: 8-7-19
Malt/Sugars: Belgian pilsner, Special B and Abbey; German Munich and wheat; dark candi sugar
Hops: German Hallertauer Mittelfruh; U.S. Glacier
OG: 1084; FG: 1007; Alc./Vol. 10.1%; IBU: 30, Color: 37


2018 vintage

Brewed: 2-1-2018, kegged: 3-1-2018, bottled: 8-7-19
Malt/Sugars: German Munich and wheat; U.S. 2-row; Belgian Special B and Abbey; dark candi sugar
Hops: German Hallertauer; U.S. Willamette
OG: 1073; FG: 1015; Alc./Vol. 7.6%; IBU: 28; Color: 39


2019 vintage

Brewed: 1-4-2019; kegged: 2-21-2019; bottled: 8-7-19
Malt/Sugars: Belgian Munich, Special B and Abbey; German pilsner, melanoidin and wheat; dark candi sugar
Hops: English Progress, U.S. Cascade and Citra
OG: 1091; FG: 1008; Alc./Vol. 10.9%; IBU: 27; Color: 25

2020 vintage

Brewed: 9-12-2019; kegged and bottled: 10-17-2019; Release: 2-1-2020
Malt/Sugars: Belgian Pilsner, Special B; German Munich, melanoidin, Carared and wheat; English Chocolate; dark candi sugar; Worth County Honey
Hops: English East Kent Goldings, U.S. Cascade
OG: 1091; FG: 1004; Alc./Vol. 11%; IBU: 28; Color: 40


Tasting Notes/Food pairing
2016 vintage

Dark copper color and high clarity. Sweet malty aroma. Low hop character, rich malt and notes of fig with little strong alcohol flavor. A dry finish. Light carbonation. Enjoy with roasted meats.  

2018 vintage

Technically a dubbel rather than a strong dark, sweeter with more subdued alcohol flavors. Darker copper color with good clarity. Malty aroma. Chocolate, cocoa, caramel flavors. Smooth, dry finish with a spicyness of clove and some dried cherry. Light carbonation. Enjoy with smoked meats and sausages, roasted game, beef stew, or even a dense chocolate torte.

2019 vintage

Dark copper and good clarity. Significant, pleasant esters and alcohol in the malty aroma. Some alcohol flavor, but not overwhelming the sweet malt and cloves. Low hop character. Sweeter finish than 2016 and 2018. Enjoy with stronger cheese such as stilton or grilled meats. Maple notes make this good with any maple-flavored foods.


2020 vintage

Look for tasting notes in January 2020.  



Glassware: Goblet

Temperature: 48-56F

In the Tap Room: Winter seasonal on tap; 12 and 22-oz bottles when available.
Limited distribution in surrounding counties during the winter. 

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