A celebration of Spring food and beer

Worth Brewing Company in Northwood will tap the spring season April 18 with its annual Spring BockFest. Beer is the boss of this party, but they will have food, music and fun on two levels.


The day begins at noon and continues to 11 p.m. Worth Brewing will tap a special beer TBD in the Biergarten at 3 p.m.  Check social media for the latest beer selections.  


Worth Brewing Company’s own Festdogs will be back after rave reviews at Olefest in February. These potato sausages are made to our recipe in Northwood. They’ll make for a great fest meal paired with authentic German sides.    

See you on the 18th!


From polka to rock there is always someone rocking at Spring BockFest. 


Fest Dogs

Made right here in Northwood these potato sausages have become a staple of all of our fests. The perfect compliment to our FestBock lager. 

House-made beer mustard

Made in our kitchen by brewer, Peter, this spicy mustard is balanced by a generous amount of Oktoberfest.

Candied almonds

A traditional treat. Made by our brewer only for our festivals these are no ordinary almonds. Brown sugar and our own honey make for a sweet dessert that are hard to resist. 



A classic Midwest pastime. Each player uses a 3 lb peen-hammer to drive their nail. Whoever sinks their nail first wins! This is much harder than it sounds.


One of the most popular games in the county this game needs no introduction. 

Stein Hoisting 

Who can hold the beer up the longest? Sounds simple right? The rules are simple but that does not mean this is an easy task.

Beer Poking 

Why stick a red hot skewer into your beer? Cause its fun. Also because it caramelizes the sugars and changes the beer. Perfect for the rich, malty fest beers.