Olfest Puck Hunt Rules and Clues

Find the Ølfest Puck and win free beer all year!


Somewhere within the city limits of Northwood nestles three pucks; another one hides elsewhere in Worth County. One of the four is an official Ølfest Puck that earns the finder free beer each week all year long. The others net you a free pint and Ølfest dog on Ølfest Saturday, Feb. 2. (All pucks are identical with separate security codes revealed on Fest evening).

We’ll provide cluesperiodically in January through social media until all pucks are discovered.

Contest details:

1. Three pucks are hidden within the city of Northwood. One puck is hidden outside of Northwood but within Worth County. The pucks are not hidden on private residential property. Please don’t disturb or trespass on private property.

2. The pucks are above ground but no more than 9 feet high, although it may be obscured by snow, brush or other material.

3. No Worth Brewing Company employees or direct family are eligible to participate.

4. The pucks may be discovered any time between Jan. 10 and Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. Clues will be disseminated through social media beginning on January 10 until each puck is found. Please notify Worth Brewing Company immediately upon finding a puck as a courtesy to other hunters.  

5. The winners are declared when the official Ølfest pucks are presented to and authenticated by Worth Brewing staff at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019. (Finders need not be present to win, but must turn pucks in before 8 p.m. on Feb. 2.

6. One of the Ølfest puck hunt winners will be drawn to win one free pint each week during 2019 of Worth Brewing Company beer, root beer or non-alcoholic drink during open hours. Pints may not be accumulated and they are not transferable. If more than one individual wins (a team for instance), one individual will be named the winner and recipient of the weekly pint. The pucks are coded and the 2019 Grand Winner will be announced at 8 p.m. on Ølfest. The other three puck finders win a free Ølfest dog and beverage of choice on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 during the Ølfest Celebration.

7. Play is open to all ages and no purchase is required to participate.

8. Players hunt at their own risk. Worth Brewing Company and its affiliates are not responsible for injury, arrest, frostbite or bad manners.



Clue Day 1: Four pucks began a trek in Northwood. Porter, Urbock, Cascade and Kent. Porter headed south while the others stayed close to home.


Clue Day 2: Yesterday Porter headed south. Urbock, Cascade and Kent traveled north. Stop in after hunting for the last of the Black Lager.

Clue Day 3: Urbock is an urban dweller. Cascade and Kent prefer the country.

Clue 4: Urbock has been found. While puck hunters seek a key, Cascade lays low, Kent in a tree.

Clue 5: A Manly man married a Fertile woman. Porter hasn’t visited either of these places.

Clue 6: Cascade turned east, Kent west.

Puck Clue 7: Cascade likes a country setting; Kent has more intellectual pursuits.

Puck Clue 9: When Porter was house hunting, he didn't want to travel too far west. 
NOTE: It's cold this week, dress up and stay safe.

Urbock and Kent have been found. I misidentified one puck in the process. To avoid confusion, here are the relevant clues to date for Porter and Cascade:

Porter headed south.
A Manly man married a Fertile woman. Porter hasn’t visited either of these places.
When Porter was house hunting, he didn't want to travel too far west. 

Kent is in a tree, Cascade lays low. (turns out the wind blew Kent out of the tree and it was found on the ground)
Cascade turned east
Cascade likes a country setting.