Pitch Invasion, a blog invitation

June 13, 2018

There are many types of Pitch Invasions. There's the classic big belly punter, the wanker who thinks he can outrun  Usain Bolt, the augmented lass proud of her assets, a lab playing the most awesome game of fetch ever. For the next 30 days I will be your shirtless knob jumping on and off the pitch avoiding the authorities, a bit tipsy and certain that I'm the center of the universe for just a few minutes.

 To be honest this blog is an excuse to watch some international soccer (usually on tape delay) while drinking a few beers. So how is that different than any other night? The World Cup only comes once every four years and I needed an excuse to become involved since the U.S. of A. managed to shit the bed and miss out for the first time in my married life, and that's 32 years. 


Here's how this is supposed to work. I drink a beer or three, watch a game or three and leave a few comments. You--I'm talking to all three of you still interested in a red-white-and-blue-less World Cup--add your comments and drinking accomplishments each day. 


The games are in Russia so I can't exactly sit back shirtless and slam brews from 7a.m. to 2 p.m.  I'll be recording and watching after a long day of making beer. 


The Games: 

There's only one game on opening day and it always features the host country. That means a qualification bye for that nation (congratulations U.S., you've made the World Cup in 2026!). This year that means Russia, which has a not awful WC history against a similar foe, Saudia Arabia. I've not read any previews and don't know anything about  the teams but I do know this matchup means ill be drinking a strong Russian beer tomorrow and maybe an old bottle of homebrew in honor of Saudi Arabia. I also predict that Sergei Somebody will score a disputed goal in the 79th minute to seal a 1-0 win for the hosts. Putin will smile from the dictator's box but will retain his shirt--it's a long tournament. 


90th minute  U.S. Winner

The poor USMNT --the irony, such a poor team with a name that sounds like they make money--didn't earn the trip but the USNBM (United States National Beer Makers) occasionally puts out a world-class product. Today, I'll opt for Anchor Steam Porter. Yes, I know this original craft brewer sold out to a bigger operation years ago but I've always loved this beer. Inexplicably back in 2002 a VFW in Emmetsburg, Iowa, had a couple of bottles they sold me for the price of Busch Light. After I cleaned them out the bartender left for the local liquor store for another six pack for me. Spaghetti and Anchor Porter in an Irish town. That's America. 



Russia will invade enemy territory (does anyone know the offside rule?) but somehow FIFA officials will decide it was Saudia Arabia in Russian uniforms and award a penalty. After three goalie line fouls Russia will net the winner. Putin will stroke his white cat and we'll all prep for Portugal Spain on Friday. 


Cheers and enjoy the game. 


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