Russian to Judgement

 Day one and was there a worse place to be than Russia for Saudia Arabia? Well I suppose you could be the steward in yellow above but at least that unpleasant business didn't take 90 minutes. Enough of the football, I was brewing Field Trip and heard the score. From now on I'll attempt to be in blackout mode.  


On to the beer. Saudi Arabia won't be around long so we'll inaugurate the festivities with a homebrew and save Russia for later.  Brian Phillips is one of the best brewers here in northern Iowa and today's brew is Brian's pale ale brewed with hops from Iowa. Gentle citrus and candy aroma.  I look forward to using more of these iowa--and some Wisconsin--hops in our Short Trip Session IPA in 2019. 


88th minute US equalizer. Golden Monkey from Victory  Brewery (PA). According to their website, "sweet, sensual aromas and flavors of our famous Belgian-style tripel. . . rich notes of fruit and spice and savor its dry finish.…And at 9.5%, let’s be real. We’ve all got a Golden Monkey story!" This is one of my favorite American Belgians along with Peacetree's Blonde Fatale (Knoxville, IA). We'll be down in Des Moines with all the Iowa Brewer's on Saturday for the Iowa Beer Fest so maybe I'll get a sample??


Warming up. Tomorrow's matchups are the revenge of the Prohibitionists: Egypt, Morocco, Iran. There should be plenty of suds flowing in the late (1 p.m.CT) game between neighbors Portugal and Spain--and no love lost. It will be World Beaters vs. the Show Pony. Another arch villain will headline the final team in action on Friday, Uruguay. Ronaldo and Suarez both hit the pitch. There will be preening, provocation, and we can only hope, mastication. 



With the first shellacking of the tournament out of the way, things get really interesting tomorrow. And while I feel like I should pay special attention in these early days to sides likely that to have early flights home, let’s first spare a thought for Spain, shall we? 


Spain may not be able to keep a manager, but it does have a diverse and healthy indie music scene. It’s especially noted for irresistibly hooky, jangly indie-pop that’s as easy to knock back as a sangria on the sunny Spanish beach (sorry, Peter). 


Today’s song comes from a great purveyor of such fare — a band named Detergente Liquido. That means what it looks like it means, and no I don’t know why. They hail from the southwestern port city of Cádiz, a town of about 125,000 that some say is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western  Europe with remains dating back 3000 years. OK, Wikipedia says that, and I’ll be making liberal use of that source all tournament. 


Spotify tells me this was my most-listened to track of last year, and I don’t know much Spanish. So there you go. 


Grimas y meriendas

Artist: Detergente Liquido

Nation: Spain

Album: Mirad lo que me habéis hecho. Por favor (2017) 


Nat's Kitchen.  So, I'm thinking doughnuts and strawberry shakes. But our on-site CIA-trained visionary Nat is paid the big bucks to serve up WBC beers and dispense culinary inspirations as effortless as a Sunderland loss. He's not your mother and he's not your teacher so do some internet research and whip up a Moroccan Tajine, a dish named after the earthenware pot  in which it's cooked. Stewed beef or stewed or roasted chicken with an array of vegetables and dried fruits. Traditionally served with couscous or steamed balls of durum wheat. That wheat's tough so I expect a bit of kneading effort--do it at halftime of the Morocco-Iran match beginning at 10 a. m. 



Controversy. What could fall off the rails on a day in Russia with Ronaldo and Suarez? I'll check back tomorrow. Enjoy the drinks, food and games. After all, isn't that the game de la vida? 









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