All You Need is Löw

 High miles, but mostly Autobahn.                                                                                                  Sports Mole 

High-finance types say to buy low, sell high. It may behoove the U.S. Soccer Federation to peruse the back pages of Die Welt as there may be a cheap German Beatle on offer by month’s end. It’s got classic '60s styling a la Revolveresque Paul McCartney, but the fit, high efficient mechanics you’d expect from German Engineering.

We may have kicked these tires before, but I’d ask you to consider the following.

Löw has the personnel skills and game management lacking in the Klinsmann era, at least that's what's been bandied about by experts since JK's disastrous tenure at Bayern Munchen. Visit this article for the actual football reasons : soccer stuff I don't know about. 


Someone named Dave Sarachan is supposedly an interim coach and surreptitiously moonlighting at your daughter's soccer matches. We need to hire someone eventually and you know this will be the head hunter's marching orders:
A. The MLS coach of the year, whoever that may be., maybe Jeff. 
B. An international flavor of the month who would consider the U.S. a promotion. Iceland love their coach let's hire him. Iceland isn't Jamaica, but it's triple the population of Grenada.
C. A former USMNT player because, you know, past glory.
D. Sam Allardyce, because he’s held every other job and unlike the U.S. national team has never been relegated. Also, his sketchy ethics may endear him to FIFA brass, which can only help. See FIFA rule of ethics.




Löw won’t be as cheap as a 67 VW, but could he be lured? Give him an eight-year plan, the final four of which will be free to experiment and hone a team with automatic qualification on home turf. Christian Pulisic will be healthy and in his prime, Löw's international connections will enable him to field a roster of international wunderkinds. US Soccer will have world's best ESL development academy in the world.     


Jeff. You won't score a consolation against Costa Rica by wining about orange slices. 

So let’s hope for a draw against Sweden and South Korea and disappointing tie-break scenarios. A first class Lufthansa flight to Munich and LA on June 28-29 is $11,250. We can take it out of his first paycheck. 

Beep Beep .. Beep Beep, Yea!


Day Four, the Other Games

The World Cup has coincided with an influx of work that's allowed time for only snippets of football. Germany-Mexico was to be my first complete game when the DVR graced me with a total of four minutes  of post-game Mexican celebrations. I vow that Tunisia v. England will be my inaugural WC drama. 


Random thoughts: How did Peru not score against Denmark? 


A hilarious missed penalty was one reason. Messi also  failed against Iceland and his removal of the captain's band post game spurred the Fox crew to declare that he did not "conduct himself as a leader."


Missed penalty kicks are much more enjoyable for the neutral than goals.

I like when sneaky cheap shots get caught on video review. 


On to the beers

In honor of Mexico's tremendous day I enjoyed a Negra Modelo. This well-known brew is a dark, more full-bodied alternative to most Mexican beer. Beer Advocate poster erudition: "Aroma is plum, spice, toast, biscuit, and earth malts.." 


35th minute winner

Easy Jack IPA, Firestone Walker, Paso Robles, Calif. This brewery has a well-earned reputation for solid hoppy beers up and down the range. This is a session version at 4.5%, and includes hops from North America, New Zealand and Europe. BA poster erudition:  "The aroma is proud and bright. . ."


Warming Up

Beer shopping is easy any day Belgium and England hit the pitch. I'll be sampling a St. Bernardus Wit in a can first, moving on to a UK beer TBD. Other suggestions: the Dutchesse, this odd fellow

Cada Dia Es Domingo
Artist: Mexrrissey
Nation: Mexico
Album: No Manchester (2016)



OK, that’s the stuff. Lozano’s electrifying strike for Mexico in the 35th sent seismographs zigzagging. And, as usual, the group stage provokes the question: Could this be the year someone else wins? 


Probably not. But it’s fun to think about. Maybe one day we’ll look back at a match like GER-MEX and detect the hinge between an old era and a new one.


Speaking of old eras, Monday brings us our first look at England. A lifelong Anglophile, I always back them to win until, inevitably, they don’t. They have my loyalty, but sides like Mexico get my World Cup eye wandering.


Which brings me to today’s track. From Mexico City, I give you Mexrrissey — a supergroup of some of Mexico’s top alternative musicians. Their mission: to reimagine songs of the celebrated English peerer-out-of-rain-streaked-windows, that great existentialist mope himself, Morrissey. 


While the idea of Mexrrissey sounds a bit like a one-trick joke, the music is not. It’s a fond, clever interpretation worthy of the ex-Smiths frontman’s own innovations. The band pairs Morrissey’s well-worn tunes with their own authenticity, their expert playing and their own “way”  — not unlike the guys taking down the reigning champions in Moscow. 


At the Manchester building made famous in a 1985 Smiths photoshoot, Tijuana-born singer/songwriter Ceci Bastida takes vocals on Morrissey’s 1988 solo hit, “Every Day Is Like Sunday.” I imagine the band hopes their side takes that title to heart. 


In some of these shots, they almost appear to serve notice. 


                                                                                                                         Photo: The Girl on Bloor

In the Kitchen

Let's visit South Korea for breakfast at 7 to enjoy Sweden-S. Korea in Nizhny Novgorod.  Since the Korean's don't distinguish breakfast  as distinctly separate as many western countries you won't feel weird drinking all that beer from Belgium and England before going to work. Try this bibimbap recipe to lay a solid foundation for the rest of the games. 


England play well and everyone assumes the fix is  on in the Tunisia dressing room. 


Leave your comments on the main page and we'll drop in tomorrow. 









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