Winner, winner, chicken ....


It’s been a long month in Peter’s Luxury Blog Suite®. The recycle bin is overflowing with spent cans and bottles from around the world and there’s a foul smell percolating from the area. It's not unexpected when so many cultures are packed together in the heat of summer, but it’s time to call manservant Ross in for a thorough wipedown.


Nat has been released from his duties, but in an appropriate twist our Scando-file has developed Stockholm Syndrome. The door has been unlatched, but he remains in the kitchen, stewing about a winter-appropriate menu for Qater 2022. I think we’ll have to bait a live trap with shaved truffles and release him into a nice community garden down by the river.


Gary may continue to send me contributions by 9 each night and who am I to tell him to stop searching for the most fetching musical coquettes from around the world (he didn't disappoint in the final)? I’ll file each report, occasionally goad him at deadline to continue the ruse, enlist a Russian troll farm to keep the posts up to PI Blog-worthy levels. It will only end when Aiko, the budding Japanese ingenue he’s agreed to manage on her inaugural U.S. tour turns out to be 13-year-old Dimitri from St. Petersburg.


As for me, well, I might just brew a little beer, sell some of it, manage a loyal staff, catch up on some ordering, watch Nick fix a pump or two, monitor a sketchy chiller, answer PI fan mail. The celebrity has been fun, but when the dust settles we are just humble laborers after all, craftsmen putting in a good shift. Or at least a shift.


Day One: The Game:
I see this: An early goal for Croatia turns up the heat. Coming out of the break down one France quickly equalize. Add a second 10 minutes from the end. Another in added time. 3-1 to the frogs.


On to the beers:
The tournament ends Sunday, but not everyone has checked out. Margaret sent Belgium packing yesterday with the final Rodenbach. I did the same to Germany and Mexico with the U.S.-collaborative Weinstephan wheat and light-lager Victoria. A Swedish cider in a can is mysteriously missing. Only one remains.

England played seven games this tournament, losing three. By ranking, their best victory was Tunisia at 21st. Still they will be welcomed home by a fan base inspired by youth and potential. Ironic then that our last beer standing is Old Speckled Hen. I’ll pop the can upon the first goal tomorrow, which as I noted will be Croatia at about 10:17 a.m. CT.   


 Comment Te Dire Adieu (How to Say Farewell)

Artist: Françoise Hardy

Nation: France 

Album: Françoise Hardy (1968)

I’m looking forward to a post-final wrap and to sharing some additional thoughts later. But for now, and for once, I’m genuinely sorry to see this long tournament end. 


Let’s therefore usher in the final with an artist of consummate class. I don’t mean an endorsement by the nationality; I’ll be backing Luka Modric and Croatia, myself. 


But narrowly. Either nation will be an entirely worthy champion, and both deserve nothing but respect in a loss. And the return of league football just around the corner seems sort of dull. 


This one can take its time leaving. Extra time, sure. But for God’s sake, no penalties.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ma Cuisine Végétalienne

Jambon-buerre France


The simplest of foods and over three million are sold in country daily, second only to fast food hamburgers.


A traditional French baguette split length-wise, spread on some quality softened butter, stuff with some good local ham and perhaps some cheese (Gruyère or Brie), add a Kronenbourg 1664, and settle in for the final.


Auguste Escoffier said “The simplest dishes, are the best dishes.  Anthony Bourdain said “Cooking is not hard.  All you need is three or four really good ingredients, and don’t fuck it up.”  These are two quotes I’ve really taken to heart in my culinary career and they are exemplified in this dish.


As the 2018 World Cup comes to a close it’s been a slice.  I’ve enjoyed my time with this blog and I am looking forward to Qatar in 2022.  See you then.  À VOTRE SANTÉ!!!(cheers)

Thanks Nat, get out and get some sun. Thanks Gary, rest up and enjoy the game! See you for Euro 2020. 

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